WordPress Updates

Have a Dedicated Web Professional Take Care of WordPress Updates for Your Website

When was the last time you logged into your WordPress website to make sure everything was up to date? Plugins, WordPress and your theme all need to updated regularly. Maybe things haven’t been updated in a while?

It is absolutely essential to keep up on WordPress updates. The folks at WordPress are hard at work exposing security vulnerabilities and patching them with every new update of WordPress. Neglecting to update the WordPress framework opens the door to hackers and potential breaches.

Worried That Updating Plugins Will Cause Site Issues? No Problem – We’ve Got You.

Updates to the WordPress core and/or any WordPress plugin has the potential to cause features of a website to stop working or bring the whole website down. Updates to plugins may cause compatibility issues with a website’s theme, or with WordPress itself. Having a dedicated web professional take care of WordPress updates will prevent any issues when updating your site’s plugins.

Regular site backups are also an essential part of keeping a WordPress website up to date. Regular site backups will ensure that any changes or updates can be undone.

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